Prints In Motion


Yes, it is still nice and warm down south. Although I’m anxious for the arrival of true fall weather, like my northerners back home, I will enjoy the last days of summer – especially with these perfect print shorts.

The mornings and evenings are chilly, but the mid afternoons remain warm. To combat this transitioning weather, a lightweight knit sweater keeps me warm during the cooler parts of the day. When the sun is out to play, a fun pair of print shorts and a white tank keep the summer vibes alive. Slightly high-waisted shorts are shown off best with a top tucked in, or partially tucked. This elongates the torso and makes you look and feel tall and mentally powerful.

If you’re lucky enough to still enjoy the warmth of summer, take advantage of it. We all know that once the cold weather is here to stay, all we’re going to complain about are those summer pieces that never got to be shown off in time.

I also suggest checking out for the latest fun pieces, like my shorts, to add to your closet.


Wearing: AMIClubwear Beige Multi Printed Shorts | Urban Outfitters Sheer Tank | Sparkle & Fade Mesh Dolman Sweater | Aldo Elizabelle Sandals
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