Never Too Late


As much as I love my white-on-white, neutral-on-neutral pair-ups, there comes a time when that one shirt in your closet hangs over you like the guilt you feel about not wearing it.

Here it is, for all you readers to see. I honestly went out of my way to purchase it one Christmas after my sister received it as a gift. In a jealous rage, I decided I needed to have it as well. Funny enough, my sister lost hers before she even wore it. Yes, I promise I didn’t steal it, it’s just a coincidence.

So with these super cute crochet-lace shorts, I needed something that would make the summer white pop. It’s never too late to wear your summer white; I plan to bring it into the fall and winter. Adding a denim vest, the overall look works as a transition piece, in my opinion.


Wearing: AMIClubwear White Crochet Design High Waist Shorts | Urban Outfitters Print Top | Forever21 Denim Vest
* To Be Bright is partnered with AMIClubwear for authorized promotional use of gifted products