Are You Searching For Mr. or Mrs. Right? – Eat, Pray or Love Blog November 21, 2011


Are You Searching For Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many college students who have a predisposition that they will find their “true love” at college.  Hearing stories of their parents meeting as undergrads or friends who have found their carbon copy during their school years puts a subconscious mental strain on the college brain.

Most students mask the thought of wanting to find Mr. or Mrs. Right in front of their peers, but it can’t be argued that the thought hasn’t passed through almost every student’s mind. If you are a firm believer that the right person is awaiting you in school, here are some things to keep in mind when you think someone may actually show potential:

  • Remember to stay true to who you are.  Pretending to be someone you aren’t with hopes of impressing somebody is only masking your real personality.  You will find the right person doing the things YOU like to do.
  •  Be happy with where you are presently.  If you are overwhelmed with past relationship memories, schoolwork or any other personal issues, and think focusing on making a relationship with someone will drive those feelings away, you’re wrong.  All it does is build up more emotion you don’t need.  A relationship should be an added bonus to your life, not a stress factor.
  •  Everybody has flaws, including YOU.  It comes down to a matter of which flaws you can tolerate and which you cannot. Be aware of the double standard; criticism not only comes from you, but can also be directed your way.  As long as you and your significant other can compromise and accept each others’ pet peeves, you’ll be fine.
  •  Remember the “Golden Rule” we learned as children; treat others the way you would like to be treated.  In terms of relationships, the person you want to invest your admiration in must treat you with the same respect that you entrust in them.  A strong relationship has equal dedication coming from both sides.

Keep in mind that all relationships are different, but every person deserves the best with what they are willing to offer.  As cliché as it is, listen to your heart.  If you don’t feel happiness in a department that is important to you, be strong enough to let go.  There are more opportunities out of college, don’t lose hope.  Settle for the best, not less.