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Did you know I used to ride horses? And not just ride for fun, but more like competed on a National level that landed me a college scholarship for a NCAA Division I Equestrian Team? Well if you didn’t, now you know and this post of me on a four-legged animal doesn’t seem as random anymore.

Growing up in a barn, the importance of proper footwear couldn’t be stressed more. You wanted something strong and sturdy on your feet that would protect you from all types of weather and ground conditions – like dirt, mud, etc – as well as the occasional weight of a 17 hand horse when he accidentally steps on your foot. The latter happens more often than you’d think. Needless to say Blundstone has been a brand relied on and worn by horse people for as long as I can remember, but more recently has taken a street-style focus when worn on the busy feet of NYC’s residents.

Like a barn, New York is just as equally dirty and often rude when it comes to its conditions. So having the right shoe to get through a day in New York calls for a style that’s meant for hard work and can maintain stability despite the conditions faced. Blundstone’s design has developed over the years to be more adaptable when it comes to the “personal style” of someone but the focus behind its quality has always remained the same – they’re built to go anywhere, do anything and look great every step of the way.

Ribbet collage-9

On a personal note, my horse’s name is Nikko and he’s my former partner-in-crime. We’re both retired from showing these days but still find time to hangout on a more relaxed level – like shooting for blog posts rather than posing over jumps. Still, here’s a mini collage of us back in 2005 when we placed second overall at a National show, which we spent a year qualifying for. Today at 20 years old, he still looks as dapper as he did during his professional career. Shop similar below:


Blundstone boots ∙ Forever 21 romper ∙ L*Space lace trench


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