Bag of Tricks


Nothing thrills me more than taking a risk, especially when it comes to accessorizing stereotypical ‘girly’ pieces with street-edgy looks, like this chic Annick Bag by Vieta.

Animal prints always catch the eye, so it’s important to accessorize with minimal or subtle colors & texture if you want to showcase your print of choice. With zebra stripes, most associate the pattern with pink, girly colors, which is totally valid; it’s just not my style. But rather than turning the other cheek to this more than worthy handbag, I decided to make the outfit of MY choice work with it.

By incorporating the same colors of the bag into my pants & top, I match the bag; however, the addition of the denim vest pulls the street-edge look I was aiming for. It also allows the outfit to feel subtle, despite the pant detail, so the bag can be the visual.


What’s so neat about The Annick Bag is its versatility use. Not only can it be dressed to your delight, but it can serve as the function of your choice as well. Use it as a tote or attach the shoulder strap to either side for the satchel or cross body feature.

And goodbye to backpacks and those overdone, all the same shoulder bags for class. The Annick Bag is so spacious, you can fit more than you can believe inside it, without worrying of it ripping, tearing, or falling apart on you due to the weight being carried.

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