Beat The Rain Blues; Featuring Misikko’s Hana Air


Today’s look takes a little bit of the blue out of a rainy day.

Printed jeans are always a favorite, especially in Spring & Summer. For starters, pick the pants then pick the rest of the pieces to match. With a bold pattern or print, it’s important to stay neutral everywhere else as so not to clash or distract or burn the eyes.


Keeping my blue pattern pants in mind, I matched them with a neutral off-white top that has a little flare on its own: a cut-out detail skull. Although it’s raining and cold, a nice denim jacket keeps the neutrality of the top in check, covers the detailing when appropriate, and continues to keep the patterned pants as the most visual aspect of the look.


Pattern Jeans – Adriano Goldschmied | Top – Love Culture | Denim Jacket – Aeropostale

But wait. Who else suffers with frizzy, uncontrollable hair in the humid & rainy days of summer? There’s hope everyone, with the Hana Air blowdryer from Misikko.

This is literally the wonder hair dryer. Not only is it super powerful in your hand while turned on, it dries your hair in minutes, something I appreciate very much. It took me half the time to dry my hair, all the while it dried smoothly, eliminating that humid dried-out feeling & needed straightening afterwards.


The hair dryer has 3 temperature settings of hot, warm, & cool, as well as 2 settings of high and low air pressure. This is the most ideal & essential hair tool for the lady on the go &/or with borderline can’t-be-tamed hair. Check it out at for many hair products that are sure to keep your hair and beauty to perfection.

Click here for the Hana Air

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