Winter Piece-Out


A favorite concept of mine is bringing out winter pieces that normally would remain in hibernation during the warmer months of Spring & Summer.

For instance, on rainy days with chilly breezes, I incorporate trends of Spring/Summer, like white denim, with one minimal, yet noticeable, Winter piece; I chose my black beanie.


Kick the rain gear aside by substituting leather booties & denim outerwear. Not only does worn leather look more distinguished & vintage chic, but also, chances are you’ll be outside for a brief amount of time, so a raincoat will be too much of a disguise to your outfit.

The black beanie stands well alone, yet doesn’t overwhelm the lighter pieces of your Spring look, keeping you from the too-grunge aura that’s better saved for Fall/Winter.


Pattern Denim Pants – Free People | Neutral Top – Love Culture | Denim Jacket – Aeropostale | Beanie – Burton | Booties – Pac Sun