Better Together

Happy Friday! This week was one of the longest EVER & I couldn’t be more excited for a 2-day break. I’m purposely allowing myself to RELAX and enjoy the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with my mama. I hope she likes the gift I got her – and if not, I guess I’ll just keep it for myself :]

Anyone else shop this way in preparation for a negative result? My mom is the LAST person to pretend she likes something if she truly doesn’t, which is a blessing if you get it right and a downright f*ck up if you don’t lol. But at least one of you will benefit from the gift..

I find when an oversized, bulky top meets a corset belt, magic is made – frankly because a waist becomes visible. Although the fabric is still lose in areas, it still serves as a great piece to balance out a tighter fitting skirt. And yes, these booties are my all-time FAVORITE ones at the moment and I plan to wear them down to the soles…or at least until it’s too hot out to wear them this season.