How To Have A Glamorous Mother’s Day | DreamDry

I’m one of those lucky few who gets to call her mother a business partner. Not only does she come into the city once a week to photograph me for my blog content but her constant encouragement, support, and love for what I do is the reason I keep myself motivated and determined. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without her, and that’s one of the many reasons why my mom deserves a fantastic Mother’s Day this year.

She’s not one to want gifts but rather quality time spent doing something together. Seeing that my mom does so much for me and keeps busy 24/7, rarely is there a time where she treats herself to something glamorous. So that’s why I thought getting our hair done at DreamDry would be a great solution to spend time together, relax and get pampered just for the hell of it.

Plus, it was fun for me to turn the camera around ON HER for once! I filmed tidbits of our mini morning adventure, including our before & after looks, and how we celebrated following our appointment.

(FYI she hates being photographed so I got super lucky to capture footage of my hilarious, gorgeous mamasita)


We had a FANTASTIC experience at this particular DreamDry location in Flatiron! If you’re still desperate for something to treat your mom to on Mother’s Day, consider spending the day on your hair at the salon.

The best part was learning about a few things we found super helpful to know if you’re looking for a reliable, go-to blow dry bar/salon in the city.


This means you can get your hair done before work, after that crack of dawn gym sesh, when you have that early morning meeting, etc.

For New Yorkers, knowing this place opens that early is fantastic if you want to take the stress out of fixing your hair for whatever the reason!


My mom asked her incredible stylist Leah how she got trained and found out each DreamDry stylist is REQUIRED to master each look they have available before hitting the floor.

So no matter what you select, you’re destined to have the perfect result – which is a big relief if you’re skeptical about how certain looks will turn out on yourself.


Since I have extensions, one of my requests was for my stylist to be gentle with the wash and blowout. However I had no idea they would have the SULFATE-FREE shampoo that I was encouraged to use to maintain the tape-ins! I was so relieved and excited to know my hair would be washed and styled with the utmost care towards my “extension situation.”

I’m also a huge Oribe fan and was delighted to see they sold the brand as well. I swear by the Dry Shampoo – it’s the only one that doesn’t make my hair feel all stiff and smells terrific to use. Good to know the quality of the products used at DreamDry are selected carefully and with your hair needs in constant focus.