Birthday by the Sea – Statement Rings


Today I’m turning 21 + 1, and although I’m sad to see 21 leave me so soon, it was one wonderful year, especially because this particular birthday gift is from my one year + one month boyfriend.

I love rings that decorate a unique pallet of character for each personality.  You can get to know a lot about someone by their choices of metals and their forms. To add to my collection this year, I was given this seahorse silver ring from a local store called Quicksilver. Not only have a fallen in love with it, but also cannot find a better representation of myself – I used to ride & compete in horse shows all over the east coast since age 5; I also live on the jersey shore & love everything beach related. Perfect.

Find that special ring that suits your personal style, life, & character. You’ll always feel like yourself with you wherever you go :]