REBLOG: Into the Wild – Exes and Eyes

Check out my good friend Avery’s awesome blog EXES AND EYES, especially this featured post INTO THE WILD showcasing one of the bracelets she won from a To Be Bright Giveaway!


So no, I didn’t exactly scale Mount Everest like Jon Krakauer. In fact, I merely went to the park conservation near my house. But, in honor of going into what some may call “wild,” I donned animal prints and charms and went into the woods.

Mixing prints when creating a trendy outfit can be difficult. Especially when it seems they severely clash. But a rule of thumb to remember when wearing two different prints or patterns is keeping the two separate from each other. For example, the Type Z leopard shoes and the Madewell linen tee have incredibly different patterns, but when separated by denim shorts (the ones I recreated back in April), they work in conjunction with the other to pull together a chic and fun outfit.

The jewelry used are a J. Crew starfish necklaceForever 21 elephant necklace, and a kissing giraffe bracelet (a la Kate Spade) that I won in a contest from another blogger, To Be Bright. 

When creating an outfit with various prints and patterns, it’s important to know what prints you can mix and which you can’t. If they’re subtle or are separated enough from each other, it’s a go!