Today marks one year since the founding of To Be Bright.

I still remember the moment this blog became something digital. I had just gotten off the phone for a summer internship interview and before the hang-up dial tone, I had asked my interviewer what I should do in the meantime during my semester at school. She told me, “Put everything you do online.” Boom.


^ Started off as a beginner by posting Instagram iPhone mirror selfies; I was also very fond of making them in collage form #GTFO

Backing up a little bit, I had always wanted to have a personal blog. I just never could develop a plan behind it, let alone a name. I didn’t have the balls to start something I had no idea how to organize. So instead, I turned to Instagram to showcase my favorite pastime – fashion. It annoyed a lot of my guy friends, naturally.

So upon hearing my interviewer’s advice and a little liquid courage on the side, I made a WordPress account and got working on what would become an online portfolio highlighting my personal hobbies and school-related projects (hint: that’s where my Related to College category comes from.)

Also year ago, I recently changed my major from Visual Communications (i.e. graphic design) to Public Relations with a minor change from Art to Fashion Merchandising. This planned, but delayed change of heart finally allowed me to prosper in my comfort zone; I’m very OCD and I love fashion. Perfect combo. I could still post my contributions to school for future employer observation, but also had a forum for all my fashion-inspired Instagrams.

I never considered myself as a fashionable person. I rode horses all my life, rarely attended high school due to horse shows requiring travel and being unfortunately sick most of my junior and senior years. However, finding the hidden gem in affordable retail stores intrigued me, when I had the chance to shop that is.


^ Just one image depicting my life from age 5 – 20 years old.

To Be Bright has become more than just an online resume within one short month of its founding; it’s my pride and joy. Still to this day, I get legitimate butterflies when I think about something to post because I truly enjoy blogging. I love structuring the content, editing the photographs and writing my voice within each publication. I try to keep it light and entertaining, not taking myself too seriously and (hopefully) giving off some sort of inspiration.

If I didn’t take a risk or leap of faith to begin something without a true, dynamic plan, then To Be Bright wouldn’t exist today. This timeline of my past year has developed a structure all on its own and branded itself as everything I wanted. By having fun, enjoying the process and working my ass off every day to give it exposure, To Be Bright has established itself a focus that will continue on past college. It will grow as I grow – when I get my first job, my own place and everything in-between.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every singe reader who has taken the time to glance upon this page and wander about my site. There’s no way in hell I could’ve achieved what I have in this past year and be excited about this new year of opportunity. I appreciate and love all of you for supporting.

Now, go shotgun a beer, take a shot or chug a glass of wine in TBB’s honor (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.)

P.S. Check out my One Year in Review video on @tobebright’s Instagram