Bold In Botanical

Dress: KAS New York (also comes in a top!)

Bag: Henri Bendel – coming soon! (here’s a very similar style)

Sandals: Target

 From your outfit decisions to your life choices, be BOLD & never let the fear of “what if?” stand in your way.

I’ve began to incorporate this concept in every aspect of my every day routine. Lately I’ve been feeling like my day-to-day has become stagnant and repetitive, with very little excitement or challenge. Having a relaxing night in to myself can only be appreciated so much before it feels like that’s the only way I’m spending this limited “free time.”

So to prevent myself from feeling blah, I’ve set a goal to be bold with my weekly activities and keep myself stimulated with something to look forward to 4 out of 5 nights during the working week.

I’m off to a good start already! Last week, I made plans to get happy hour drinks (at a physical bar) with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, signed up and attended several workout classes AFTER work hours, and scheduled some meetings in-between lunch and after work hours to network and stimulate some excitement for future collabs!

I totally understand why I’ve chosen to relax and unwind most of this summer – the stress of working two jobs, forcing myself to be social when I’m not feeling like it, and staying up endless hours to get something “accomplished” before the next day hits can really take its toll. So when the rare opportunity/choice to stay in came along, I took full advantage & then some…

Nonetheless, laziness is not in my DNA and I’m glad I recognized the feeling of ‘un-fulfilment’ when it came along and did something about it. Plus, I started wearing brighter and happier colors to trigger my inner “happy” which surprisingly worked! Definitely try it if you’re looking for an instant mood boost – it’s crazy how the mind works sometimes.