When I Realized I Needed Glasses

Jeans: Zara – sold out (similar style)

Glasses: Wildwood – via GlassesUSA

Looking back, it’s pretty inevitable I would end up wearing glasses at some point in my young life for a couple reasons: 1) It’s hereditary in my family; in fact, my grandma had macular degeneration and by the time she was 80 years old she was completely blind; and 2) The amount of screens I’ve looked at at all hours of the day and night since age 7 – back when computers were the big thing in school and device technology was only at its infancy stage of growing to what it is today.

Needless to say, I should’ve banked on the day I learned I needed to start wearing glasses would be in my early high school years. Unfortunately I didn’t figure it out until my senior year when I found myself not being able to see the road signs while in the dark.

I didn’t get in an accident but I became increasingly aware of how poor my eyesight had become in certain conditions. There was a time I missed turning on a specific road because I couldn’t read the street signs. I ended up getting entirely lost for 2 hours, mind you I had just gotten my license a few months earlier and still scared to be alone on the road. Aka it was a traumatizing event but not as scary as when I couldn’t read the signs nor the license plates of the cars in front of me while driving in the dark. That was terrifying…

I received a tiny Rx prescription for astigmatism to help “clarify” things like signs and license plates but over the course of the years, my eyes weakened with exposure to all sorts of blue light screens. So my Rx went up with each visit to the Optometrist, which meant a new pair of stronger lenses needed to be made.

Today, I can’t even look at my computer screen – let alone write this post – without a pair of glasses on. Thankfully my eyesight is not at the point of needed lasik eye surgery to correct, and to be honest I don’t think I would be able to handle such a procedure – I can’t even touch my eye to put contacts in!

Instead, I have a lot of pairs of glasses to pick from when it comes to wearing them for editing, reading, and driving purposes. Over time, I’ve developed a certain style of frame I prefer along with specific colors that go with particular outfits I choose to wear. Blogging has allowed me to partner up with various eyewear brands which has grown to be quite a collection of lenses to choose from, including the latest pair featured above which is unlike any of the standard tortoise, thicker frames I already own.

Thanks to GlassesUSA I’ve exposed myself, primarily my eyes, to a new style of frame in a bold color perfect for late summer and fall! This Wildwood pair comes in (3) colors: Brown/Black, Teal, and Burgundy (as shown above) and were measured to fit my face perfectly using the Virtual Try-On feature! Therefore I was guaranteed to love my new frames by seeing how I liked them on before purchasing, a fantastic way to ensure satisfaction!