Finding My Transitional Fall Style | Century 21 Stores

Shorts: Joe’s Jeans

Blouse: Max Studio

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Sunnies: Tory Burch

Sneakers: Gucci (not from Century 21)

*Above items are from shopping in-store; select styles & items available online

Although we don’t want to admit it (especially me) but Fall is sadly a little over a month away if we’re going by the calendar dates…sigh. But thankfully, that doesn’t mean the temperatures change so drastically overnight that we find ourselves in sweaters one day after wearing shorts.

Finding pieces that are both summer appropriate and fall ready has been made a dream to prepare for in the recent weeks – there are sales on sales on sales being promoted and the overall excitement for fall is starting to hit the floors of each store I pass by on my way to work.

But what’s really made the preparation fun is the score of designer savings I’ve found by shopping for transitional fall pieces at Century 21!

I took advantage of the amazing discounts ranging from 60-80% off items I’ve needed all year including a great fitting pair of distressed denim shorts at a generously reduced price, unlike what they normally cost! The same goes for a chiffon-trimmed blouse that makes for a great work & date piece but can also swing for a casual ensemble when paired down with denim (as shown) – gotta love that versatility of pieces that can make that transition from summer to fall fun & easy!

Now for the bag & sunnies, I’d be lying if I said “needed” these two items – I’d say more like “wanted” after seeing how great the Century 21 prices for both were! How could I say no to more than 80% off!? But what I love about both items goes for the same reason I’m stoked about the shorts & blouse, the seasonal versatility to wear all four items is priceless! I can wear all my Century 21 finds from summer to fall (even spring) interchangeably and stylishly, feeling great about not only sporting them but also knowing how much I saved buying them from Century 21!