Yes Way To Red, White, & Rosé | VINEBOX Subscription

All you wine enthusiasts better listen up! Forget memberships to Wine Clubs and Tasting Rooms – the real magic of subscription lies within VINEBOX, “the new wine by the glass.”

I’m all about trying new wines but discovering what I like has always been somewhat of a chore for me. Usually I like grabbing what I know tastes good so I can enjoy with my dinner or with family & friends right after work, without taking too much time to decide. But sometimes too much of a good, familiar thing (like your go-to wines) can get old and looking for something new and refreshing can stir up excitement when enjoying that special glass of vino.

So I was super stoked to try out VINEBOX for myself, receiving (3) months of wine samples to taste and possibly fall in love with! The first thing I thought when hearing about this subscription is how great of a present idea this would be for someone who loves wine! Especially if that someone is harder to shop for than most…

I haven’t been able to try all (3) of my monthly samples yet because I believe in the art of “pacing thyself” but I’ll share with you this exclusive box of red, white, and rosé and all the special perks that come with every VINEBOX subscription order!

First, I have to say that this VINEBOX subscription is unlike anything else! In fact the (3) samples of wine you receive each month aren’t available in stores at all! Founders Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky wanted to find a way to bring samplings of small, European wine producers to your doorstep to try, appreciate, and enjoy for years to come. The belief of the motto “Life’s Too Short To Drink Bad Wine” holds true to the old-world access with patented fractioning technology – therefore, making it possible for us Americans to try beautiful wine through the ease of a $25/month subscription service!

With each box comes tasting notes, recommendations, and pairings for every wine sample included. You can discover how to pair wines with truffles or Ruffles, Mozart or Madonna, and beachside fires or Netflix marathons. I LOVE the cleverness behind a VINEBOX subscription that makes it not only fun, but also informative and insightful when it comes to enjoying your sample of European wine!


Château Les Crostes Rosé

2016 – Cinsault, Grenache from Provence, France

Taste: Crisp & lean with a core of red fruit and limestone minerality. Raspberry sorbetto, fresh cut citrus and a waft of faint potpourri.

Pair: Best enjoyed with cheese, Italian ice, fresh fruit, or Sunday brunch on a patio discussing what the hell happened last night. #summertime

Learn: Only 300 cases are imported to the USA every year! I guess we’ll have to fly to St. Tropez when we run out…

Domaine Comte de Monspey

2015 – 100% Aligoté from Burgundy, France

Taste: A nose full of white blossoms and white fleshed fruit with flavors of lemon, peach, hazelnut and a touch of salinity.

Pair: Al fresco aperitif, casual neighborhood BBQ or fireside chats; perfect for convivial events.

Learn: Worked by the same family since 1632, the estate was purchased after being appraised to have “high potential.” 400 years later, nice move.

Muzard & Fils Clos Faubard

2015 – Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France

Taste: Dark fruits accented by sweet eucalyptus and crushed berries. Slight oak presence brings subtle tastiness and hints of peony & violet.

Pair: General Tso’s chicken! Yup, glazed/caramelized sauce and meaty chicken with lively, floral wine. #MakeTakoutGreatAgain.

Learn: Clos Faubard boasts highly coveted southern facing slopes for the grapes to achieve ideal ripeness. Location, location, location.

I can’t wait to try the remaining (2) boxes I received  – one is all whites and the other is all reds! Right now, there’s an exclusive Rose Sampler Box available that looks amazing & if you sign up, I would 100% go for it while it’s still summertime. I loved the rose sample I got so I can only imagine how great the other (2) roses in this box must be!

Included in the Rose Sampler Box:

Monaciello Rosato from Piedmont, Italy has a deep coral hue full of fresh strawberry and farmer’s market flower accents.

Château Les Crostes is crisp and lean with just enough red fruit at its core to carry its lively minerality. (This is the one I tried)

Château de Saint-Martin is your classic Provence rosé, dry and light with floral notes.

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic

Belt: Forever 21