Boyfriend Denim


Wearing: Urban Outfitters overalls & flannel | Converse | Ray-Bans

Two things the fall season has made me crave: long overalls and a green plaid flannel. Lucky for me, Urban has both necessities. Although this is my first original long pair, I never hesitated to jump on the band wagon when they became retro. Remembering how comfortable they were at age six, it’s obvious now why so many women are satisfied in the man repelling garment today (thank you Leandra).  Much to my surprise, some men have appreciated this garment more than the denim appreciates a slim-fit (these do no justice to the female body). I guess this means anything’s possible.

Wear any shoe, any sweater and any tee. I chose a faded vintage pair that seem pretty universal. The best part is how season-less they are; I’m stoked to wear these through most of winter.

The close-up above indicates the true color of the flannel, considering it looks more purple from far away. Also, plenty of pockets give wristlets and phones special compartments. P.S. these are ON SALE in stores.

Shop denim overalls below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.04.16 PM