Here’s To Halloween

I’m sad to see Halloween go; last night was my very last time celebrating as an undergrad & waiting 365 days until next year, where I’ll (hopefully) be employed, doesn’t enthuse my current mindset.


College Halloween celebrations are a week-long event, and I very much doubt it’s the same in any other social environment. In order to remember my last hurrah, I’ve posted two days worth of costumes, drinks and cheers (which I’m trying not to remember in tears). #Fail.

Also, after investing $50+ the last three years on a costume I’ve only worn once, my new (and only) approach is to make costumes out of clothing that I can wear again. Of course, some exceptions can be made for props but in general, I see this holiday as an investment & season-less.

Night One:


I dressed up as Robin Thicke, which clearly served a purpose when standing next to my Wrecking Ball roommate. I already had the blazer, top, shades and necklace so finding striped pants and proper shoes was my only mission. Although I’m honest about having NO IDEA where I’ll wear these striped leggings again, I hope something appropriate comes to mind this winter.

Side note: Lotsa Miley’s and Waldo’s dis yearr.

Night Two:

IMG_8581minion stuart - Google Plus Cover

I got new overalls and used them as an excuse to wear a minion costume. I stole Waldo’s glasses and had the rest of the get-up in my closet (even the yellow H&M crop top). There was also a grand variety of homemade minion costumes out last night, as well.

P.S. I chose to go as Stuart, the minion. In case anyone needed to know.
^ If you don’t understand the relevance of this picture above, please click here.
Disclaimer: I am 22 years old & very much legal. The people featured in the images above are also of age.

What were you for Halloween this year!? Let me know down below ;]