Wearing: Zara pullover | Forever21 basic leggings | Target boots

Out and about on a Sunday morning calls for anything easy to throw on and comfortable to wear. With the relatively bipolar weather we have down here, it’s hard to tell whether or not I’ll need something chill-proof or something sweat resistant. What I’ve found as my errand go-to look consists of three easy pieces. The easy wear pullover, the cotton legging and the chic boot. The pullover can be removed or added, depending on the weather (I wore a tee underneath in case). The cotton leggings are breathable and the boots, well they’re what every girl needs in her closet. When I saw these at Target, I couldn’t help but compare them to Tory Burch’s design. Although faux leather and far from original, they fit PERFECTLY and were so affordable. Because who doesn’t love the look for less?