Breathe & Reboot | Zee Alexis

IMG_2491IMG_2489IMG_2515IMG_2484IMG_2494Details: (g) Zee Alexis booties  Acne Studios denim  oversized sweater

Let’s be honest with ourselves here – how many of us own a pair of ankle boots that absolutely KILL to wear for more than an hour? I’m guilty of this in a major way. So what’s the deal with choosing style over comfort? Is it a matter of looks over functionality or are we simply not finding a boot that embodies both?

When I was introduced to Zee Alexis’ latest collection this summer, the phrase of “walking on a cloud” described the focus of each shoe style’s design. Naturally, I opted for an ankle boot to 1) test my hypothesis of choosing style over comfort and 2) I wanted another pair of boots for the fall…can ya blame me?

Here’s what I discovered: I was WRONG to think ankle boots could only be one or the other – these ankle boots are an absolute DREAM to sport around town. If you’re covering most of the city (or concrete) on foot, then these boots might as well be your new best friend. Plus can we look at this color? Couldn’t be a better match for the fall season. Shop similar below:

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