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As we pack up our winter attire and begin to sweat in places we forgot about, it’s safe to say Summer is right around the corner. But it’s important to keep in mind that the calendar still calls it Spring and with this season comes a rejuvenation moment to refresh and prepare for the heat wave ahead of us.

Babbleboxx’s Busy Gal’s Bliss List captures all the essentials we ladies on-the-go NEED in preparation for the upcoming weeks & temperature rises, keeping in mind of what we can enhance now (for Spring) and later (for Summer).


A bra that breathes & is ultra comfortable to wear gets an A+ in my book! This new Seamless Bra collection by Coobie is a pretty & sexy alternative for everyday wear! The soft, stretchy lace fabric allows for coverage without the bulk and is a great piece to wear with low cut or backless tops that could use some personality.

Zero pads or wires – just a soft, thin nylon blend with adjustable straps. PS, there’s even a mid-strap hook on the back if you want to rock it racerback style!

Available in 3 sizes: Small (28A-32D), Medium (32A-34D), Large (36A-38D)

My Details – Color: Plum | Size: Small


Every seasonal change has me revamping my skin routine to feel adjusted with the elements. Often times that results in dry skin, redness, and unbearable under eye circles if I’m not strategic in discovering what will work for me at “said time/day.” Trust me, it’s a hassle and I’m sure some of you can agree you have a different routine with each day at this point. I feel ya.

Bloom Mineral Beauty’s 4-Piece Kit is essentially a step-by-step process in prepping your skin the evening before for a morning after of hydrated rejuvenation. The secret is the infusion of Dead Sea minerals to help rid the skin of impurities and replace the moisture that’s been lost.

Here’s how it works:

1. Softening Cleansing Milk: use to remove makeup & clean your face with all natural moisturizers from Dead Sea minerals

2. Purifying Mud Mask: Shake & apply generously to face for 15-20 min before washing off. This is a natural and unique mud from under the bed of the Dead Sea – mixed with olive oil, honey, fragrance, and Aloe Vera extract.

(Photo Above) – The mud applies very lightly to skin and doesn’t feel like it’s “caked” on, which most mud masks end up doing & thus, further clogging pores. This particular mask helps to reduce & delay wrinkles, as well as facial lines for soft, younger looking skin – (Note: Slight tingling is expected and will stop after treatment is removed).

3. Moisture Shield: Once mask is removed, apply this enriched Dead Sea mineral lotion for moisturized hydration you’ll experience all day/night long.

4. Shielding Eye Cream: This natural & unique formula is made with Vitamin E fruit extracts & Dead Sea minerals, helping to control visible signs of aging and those tired signs around the eyes (BINGO!)

I’m obsessed with how great my skin feels & you can be too! Use code SKIN25 at checkout from now until June 30 to receive your 4-Piece Kit 25% off! (Limit of 2 uses per customer!)


Something that removes the hair with NO PAIN, is ALL GAIN to me! Shaving can become such a hassle once the temps rise and we ladies have to remember to shave our legs/underarms as they become more exposed… The whole process is so exhausting, don’t you agree?

Nad’s! Sensitive Hair Removal Cream is designed for PAINLESS hair removal. No wax, no razor burn, nada – just simple cream formulated natural extracts of Melon, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Honey to help soothe and protect sensitive skin, while targeting the hair shaft for effective removal of unwanted hair in as little as 4 minutes!

PS, this formula doesn’t smell! Such a relief compared to those other hair removal solutions that smell like chemicals – eek! You can use this in the shower thanks to the No Drip Formula & it’s already given me better results than when I shave.

Simply apply the cream generously to the targeted area, smooth it (do not rub) and leave on for 5-ish minutes before wiping cream away with cloth and rinsing – DO NOT exceed 10 min!


As I’ve gotten older and since I’ve been living in NYC, my eyes have become SO SENSITIVE! Anyone else have this problem? With the combination of looking at screens + undesirable, filthy city air hitting my natural lenses every single day, it makes sense why my eyes feel so dry and irritated more often than not. It also doesn’t help that pollen is floating around in mass amounts unseen to the naked eye during this time of year too…

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® Multi-Symptom Drops have been such a lifesaver to my hazel-green eyes! I’ve always gravitated toward this brand as it’s the #1 in its category of eye drops, but this all new & revolutionary innovation formula happens to be the FIRST PRESERVATIVE FREE EYE DROP IN A MULTI-DOSE BOTTLE AT RETAIL IN THE US!

With a built-in purifying filter that keeps bacteria out, there’s no need for preservatives! At the end of the day we want what’s best for our eyes and frankly, preservatives only inhibit bacteria growth within the bottle & serve no real purpose in the eye. So what’s the point in having them anyway?

Personally, most other eye drops I’ve used only soothed for the first few minutes before my eye began to feel bothered again. This brand has legit kept my eyes feeling somewhat hydrated and relieved of redness for at least 12 hours before having to reapply. Plus, it’s so tiny that I can keep it on me at all times – whether it be in my bag or in my pocket.

Ps, get a $3 coupon to snag your own bottle of serious eye relief you’ll be thankful all season for!

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