Cape Town


Feeling like a caped crusader in this wonderful substitution of outerwear over my shoulders. Is it safe to put those winter coats into closet hibernation yet? I’m hesitant to only because you know the minute they’re put away, the temps will plummet down to 30 degrees F just to spite me. Just like the saying, you can’t make plans like that and think it’ll work out – God will get a good laugh out of that one.

Now that it’s warmer for the time being, bare ankles and skin-revealing ripped denim can be worn with comfort. No icy chills breezing against me to worry about which I honestly couldn’t be happier about not dealing with. It’s like when sand gets whipped up by a breeze on the beach and stings your legs, but I’d rather look forward to that kind of issue instead of cold temps. It’s no surprise I’m unbelievably over it. Shop similar below:


(g) Blue Faith denim ∙ cape coat ∙ Urban Outfitters sweater ∙ Zara bootiessimilar ∙ (g) Daniel Wellington watch (g) = gifted

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