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Home Improvement Plans: 3 Projects in 3 Months

there are a few projects I want to tackle in the next three months to make better use of our cozy yet limited square footage. Most of these intended tasks will involve heavy purging & organizing, which I don’t mind having an excuse to perform. The Type-A neat freak in me thrives in such scenarios; the main challenge will be…

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Our Bedroom Reveal

After many months of decorating, redecorating, then a brief hiatus – due to frustration of having to redecorate in the first place – I can FINALLY say our bedroom space is nearly perfect. You’d think this would’ve been one of the first rooms I’d want to complete since moving in last October, but sadly it took a backseat when it came to…

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6 Months of Levi: What’s Worked For Us & Best Purchases So Far

I can’t believe our lil Levi is already 6 months old! She was born February 5th of this year & we welcomed her to our home late March, after waiting close to a full year since placing our deposit for her. Like all new additions to a household, these past 4 months have been full of amazing highs and defeating lows – and lots of frustration in-between that comes with any lifestyle adjustment. But I can’t imagine my life without her now & absolutely adore every strand of hair on her precious, soft furry head. Through all the ups & downs, becoming a dog mom has been a dream come true for me & I’m so excited for all that’s to come with raising our incredible girl.

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