Custom Blog Nameplate


With the arrival of USC Fashion Week and the Lucky Fabb Conference right around the corner, I wanted to step outside the box with promoting my blog other than just business cards. Combining my love for custom jewelry and gold bar necklaces, I decided that I would like to wear “To Be Bright” around my neck. So I hopped online and went to my go-to site for all things custom and unique, Etsy.

I came across TagYoureItJewelry shop after searching “custom gold bar necklaces.” I instantly fell in love with the lowercase stamping of the letters that truly make this piece unique. I ordered this past Sunday and it arrived within five days! I couldn’t believe how quick it was. Also, TYIJ is based in the US, which is a HUGE bonus if you’ve ordered from Etsy before and waited a month for its arrival from India or something of that sort.

This necklace serves as a beautiful delicate piece of jewelry, as well as a conversation piece. It’s 18 inches long but I’ve experimented with making it shorter by adjusting the clasp on different chain loops. I plan to layer it with my gold choker and other gold pieces in a neckwear collection.