Eyewear With A Purpose


Some of you may know I collaborated with Warby Parker last month and fell in love with the frames I tried on. I made my decision on the Burke frames but had to wait another month until my spring break to get my eyes re-examined / get a new prescription. All checked out fine, except for the news of potential Glaucoma in my future. Yikes! Nonetheless, I used this risk-related excuse to get my new WP’s right away.

In short, they’re amazing. Not just my frames, but the whole Warby Parker brand and mission in general. For just $95 (plus tax), I got great new eyewear WITH MY PRESCRIPTION. I recall my insurance covering close to $200 just for the lenses on my older pairs, not even including the flimsy choice of frames. No no, never again. This pair feels durable, like a useful pair that I don’t have to be overly cautious about (even though I treat them like babies.)

For every pair purchased, a pair goes to someone in need. So this is like the Toms idea but for glasses, which is another life-altering charity. I couldn’t imagine being able to see the world as clearly as I can, and am so privileged to have the sense of vision when others do not.

Prescription or not, get yourself a pair of WP’s. You’ll look nerdy-chic as hell and helping someone in a country see a clear world for the first time in his or her life. There’s no better gift than that.

P.S. Do what I did and pick out five pairs for a Home Try-On experience! It’s free both ways and they come super quick! Totally worth it.