DIY Whiteboard Calendar


I’m big on planning ahead and when it comes to planners, I could write things down all day long. However, there are times when I receive a date to save that needs immediate attention right here at my desk and my planner is no where to be found at that moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a big calendar just above my head to write down and alter everything scheduled for the month? Sure would be, so I headed to my local target and made one for myself.

What’s great about this calendar is that no matter what style I’m feeling, I can make this board fit that motif. Whether it be from the tape design to the color of the markers, changes made that easy makes it almost crazy not to consider such a concept. I know, whiteboards are not the most flattering piece of wall art but the ability to make it right just for your personal liking gives it more credit as a functional piece.

Mini tips: MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE. I looked at a DIY calendar online and noticed six strips across and three strips down completed the grid. Experiment with colored tape. Print the days of the week in fun type & colors to give it personality. Magnetic mini markers > trying to locate one / storing a giant set of them. Of course, this is my personal preference. Do you.