Desk Necessities | Office Depot and OfficeMax #GearUpForCollege

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 presetProducts c/o Office Depot and OfficeMax: Divoga Gold Struck Notebook  See Jane Work stapler & note cards

Back-to-school shopping is sadly one of my favorite memories of my undergrad, high school and middle school careers as an OCD student trying to live in an organized world of my own. To this day, I can’t get ANYTHING done if I feel surrounded by clutter and yes, that’s the extent of my neurotic ways. Don’t get me wrong – I know I’ll be the perfect housewife one day, except I’ll have a stay-at-home job made comfortable with tidiness.

On the topic of school supplies, I’m glad my interest in “success tools” is still relevant as a college grad with two full-time jobs in NYC. Needless to say, staying organized is the lifeline to my ability to get everything done each week. Lucky for me, Office Depot has super cute products that match my studio apartment’s theme as well as my desk situation.

The minimalist vibe of all three items caught my attention immediately and each serve a valuable purpose towards my blogging process. I carry a notebook everywhere I go in case inspiration strikes me at a random time. Since I was little, you would find a notebook attached to me one way or another to draw in or make everlasting “To-Do Lists,” which I’m proudly still guilty of. I find that if I write my thoughts down physically on paper that I will retain them better throughout the chaos of the day. So far so good.

I didn’t realize I lacked a stapler until I noticed my desperate need to use one in the weeks leading up to this post – I kid you not. It’s not something you realize you need until there’s nothing better than it to keep those documents together. Paperclips aren’t always reliable for me anyway. My signed blog documents for brand campaigns are printed and filed for future reference, so keeping particular packets together clearly could use the help of a stapler.

The lost art of a handwritten letter still remains unfound these days, let alone personal thank you notes. I’ve always taken pride in myself to have the desire to write them out and send to close friends who will appreciate it. Sad but true, we humans are lazy AF these days and when someone takes two extra minutes of their day to address you in a letter they wrote, it makes you think a little bit – in a reflective way. Writing thank you’s has been a frequent habit of mine due to my boss and her undying generosity towards me and my blogging career. These particular note cards are so perfect in simplicity and come with the envelopes to match. You can’t ignore a stylish letter like that once delivered to you, am I right?

This post is sponsored by Office Depot, Inc. and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own.