DIY Like a Rolling Stone


I’m not into constricting collared- t shirts, or t shirts in general unless i’m sleeping, relaxing, or working out.  Target has some of the funniest graphic tees (MEN’S SECTION – girl t shirts are too stuck up to be cool), so naturally I snagged one to cut up and make it more wearable, in my opinion.



– Regular Tee
– Scissors
– Average ‘follow the line’ skills


Step 1: Follow the collar’s seam and cut the collar off entirely so you can breathe when it’s worn


Step 2: Follow the sleeve seams and cut off the sleeves for that open side look.

– You may experiment and make the sleeve opening longer by following the shirt’s seam and cut a little down the side, just be cautious, as this will stretch out on its own without the seam there to prevent it from doing so.


And voila, you’ve made something cooler out of the basic and the ordinary.