Enjoying Our River Front Yard + Plans For The Spring

Despite the colder temps recently in the Northeast, we’ve been so lucky to have consistently mild winter weather this month. It has allowed us to spend more time outside and get a handful of outdoor projects done, including some minor gardening as well as digging/placing bluestone in the ground for our firepit. I never realized how much I appreciated a ground not constantly frozen!
Since moving into our house last October, I’ve learned to call this side of the house the “Front Yard” instead of referring to it as the Back. Why? Because it’s RIVER FRONT. Yes, it’s been a tough adjustment but I now call it the Front more often than not since starting to call the other side the “Kitchen Door Side.” If you’re confused, don’t worry – so am I still…
Every day, I’m still blown away by this gorgeous view. It makes moving out of the city area worth it just for the peaceful oasis we’re so lucky to wake up to every morning. I swear even on the gloomiest days it still looks beautiful in the mist, showcasing every shade of grey there is on the spectrum. And on the days with no clouds in sight, the lighting is simply magical to witness at every hour. I’ve truly never seen anything like it – no day looks the same living on the river.

Another delight that comes with living on the river is the amount of bird activity we have! We’ve become a bit obsessed with watching the birds visit our feeders, and it’s hard not to get involved! We have so many different species of birds, including frequent visits from a Merlin Falcon & a family of Bald Eagles! Those bigger birds like to fly by and hangout in the trees surrounding our property during low tide. I’ve been able to get some awesome photos/videos of several members of the Eagle family – we’ve determined there are at least 3 juveniles that still live with mom & dad. Seeing these magnificent animals, big & small, so close and so often has been such a gift.
For those of you interested in bird watching, I’ve included links to our feeders & binoculars in the shop scroll below. I also highly recommend getting this Sibley Guide to Birds Book (East & West versions available depending your location in North America) as we’ve found ourselves referring to it almost daily when watching the activity on our feeders.

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In terms of plans for our Front Yard this Spring, we hope to get some landscaping in as well as invest in some nicer outdoor furniture. I have a feeling the latter will be very competitive to come across, given how many things were backordered/sold out last fall. All the more reason to start thinking about it now! Will be sure to update here once we make moves in that department 😀