Brand Comparison – Commando vs Spanx: Faux Leather Leggings

I’m so excited to be sharing this post, as I’ve seen a lot of questions asked/read a lot of published reviews between these two popular legging brands. From a personal standpoint, I stan both brands and equally wear them each fall/winter season. There are definitely some similarities & differences between the two, and I find it’s important to share my personal findings as a 2-4 year owner/wearer of both brands (Commando – 4 years, Spanx – 2 years.)

Please keep in mind that there are many other reviews comparing Commando & Spanx Faux Leather Leggings out there and it’s important to read as many as you come across when shopping the idea of adding a pair to your wardrobe. The reason why is because not every review is the same experience – some reviewers prefer one brand over the other for specific reasons. Some reviewers are biased – some are yes man/ma’am to anything they receive for free in exchange for promotion – and some are just straight up honest (like me!)

I’ll be upfront in saying I’ve received free leggings from BOTH BRANDS over the course of 4 years – however, I did NOT receive my most recent two pairs (I purchased myself via Nordstrom) NOR being sponsored to publish this review. I’m simply & honestly sharing my own thoughts between the two just for fun, as well as hoping this will serve as a helpful guide when purchasing a pair of faux leather leggings now or down the road should both brands still be relevant for years to come.

(left-right) Commando vs Spanx


Price Point: Both Commando & Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are retailed at $98 & outside their respective sites, are also available for purchase from both Nordstrom + Shopbop retailers
Sizing: I’m my true size SM (I’m 5’6″ & 27″ waist for reference) in both my Commando & Spanx pairs. And unlike jeans, this sizing remains the same for all “styles” of both brands’ (in my experience.) Also regarding SPANX, Nordstrom suggests sizing up one for the fit – I personally disagree/don’t think you should. But should you not order the right size, you can easily return/exchange pairs for free!
Fit/Wearability: I find both Commando & Spanx to fit relatively the same, tight and form-fitting. Another great perk is that both brands are available in petite, standard, plus-size & maternity fits – not just in the faux leather style, but across the board!

(left-right) Spanx vs Commando


Fabric Weight: Commando is fleece-lined, but feels more lightweight; I prefer to wear Spanx in colder weather because it feels thicker/more protective from the cold on my legs
Fabric Appearance: I personally find that Commando appears more “dressy” & Spanx leans on the casual side. Although I wear both regularly, I opt for Spanx more for every day & the Commando pair as an alternative to occasions calling for  “black jeans” – although I do wear them with an oversized hoodie at times around the house too. It’s all a personal preference on where & how you style them :]
*Fabric Durability: Please keep in mind that I’ve had my Commando leggings much longer than my Spanx pairs, 2 year advantage out of 4 total years of faux leather legging ownership & this is only reflective of the FAUX LEATHER LEGGING. That being said, I’ve worn my Commando pairs now for 4 Fall/Winter seasons consistently – and with that, comes wear & tear. My two pairs of Commando leggings have begun to show small holes alongside the seams of the waist. Given that this is only appearing 4 years after purchase, along with constant machine washing after monthly/weekly wear & not being the most careful when taking them off, it makes sense that this would happen.
cont’d – HOWEVER, these small holes do not prevent me from wearing them as they’re located pretty high up on the fit & I often wear oversized tops with them. I just ordered my 3rd replacement pair but have no intention of getting rid of these hole-y ones until something tragic prevents me from doing so (like a rip in the crotch that’s beyond repair.) Am I suggesting that Spanx is made of “stronger” fabric than Commando, somewhat yes – but that’s only based on my personal experience of owning/simultaneously wearing both pairs over the course of 2 years. This doesn’t mean my Spanx pair won’t reflect the same if I chose to wear only them for another 2 years to catch up to Commando’s advantage

If you’re curious about seeing these leggings from a live view, I’ve shared the comparisons between both pairs on my Insta Stories – and in case they expire by the time you’re reading this post (days/months/years in the future) I’ve also saved this review in my ❄️  Try-Ons IG Highlight.

Below I’ve included links to where you can purchase both Commando & Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, as well as several other products I’m personally a fan of as well. For instance, I own several styles of Commando Bodysuits and they’re amazing, along with their tights & seamless undies – big big fan! The Spanx bralette is a Godsend of an undergarment, seriously SO comfortable & I’m VERY into the Shaper Shorts which I often sport underneath my spring/summer dresses!


available here, Nordstrom & Shopbop
Side Note: Commando Bodysuit Review Here


available here, Nordstrom & Shopbop