Fall is Femme – Style Blog October 3, 2012


Fall is Femme

It’s October, which means Starbucks is bringing back the famous ‘pumpkin spice latte’, the crunch of dry leaves on the ground signals a familiar cold season approaching, and of course, dark tones are back to making a statement in the world of retail.

Now dark colors usually correspond to an edgy, grunge-like motif when they break out of the closets and make appearances in Forever 21 windows; but I’ve noticed, as I caught myself one day staring at the ensembles of choice, the new slogan for this season, ‘Fall is Femme.’

Interesting, yet unique.  The view of dark tones is changing each season, incorporating tones from the yellow-orange-red color spectrum into the oversized sweaters, scarves and bomber jackets that consistently trend each fall season is now considered a more feminine look.  They are being paired with black, navy and gray pants, ideally skinny jeans or leggings, and completed with articuraly-laced combat boots.  However, this popular look is no longer associating dark tones as indicators of being unapproachable.

In fact, fall is made for most women.  Each year, after the hot summers, the idea of getting cozy in an oversized sweater while still looking like you got dressed for the morning is pristine, because many girls want to be comfortable and look put together, which is difficult to do for most other seasons.

The styles keep updating and the trends are being followed. Pinterest and Instagram have been the meccas for everyday attire, making pictures available to users by displaying unique clothing combinations and popular pieces for fall.

This fall, the most trended color look seems to be olive, burnt orange, mahogany and burnt chambray, paired with the original dark tones – black, navy and gray.