Keep it on Paper, Not in Cyberspace – Rant Blog October 15, 2012


Keep it on Paper, Not in Cyberspace

Okay, how many times do you log into Facebook or Twitter and see a diary-like status update from an attention-seeking individual.  TOO MANY TIMES.  Last time I checked, these sites are public and therefore, so is the content chosen to share.  WHY would anyone want to share personal thoughts or opinions regarding something that gives them a reputation of the following:




-someone you cannot trust to be mature with your own feelings

Not-so-secret-anymore diary content generally places the sharer into one of the following categories that tarnishes his or her reputation within his or her social media community, which is already full of superficial and actual friends.

Here’s the thing, if you’re upset or unhappy, take it up with the source whose causing you the personal anguish directly, not by releasing a social media post you hope will be seen by a specific person.  If you want the respect or attention your status is screaming to your social media public, you won’t obtain it by that indirect and immature approach.

Not only does it tarnish your personal present reputation amongst a semi-fake community of friends, but what about your future and potential employers that come across it?  Chances are if any content in a status promotes an individual’s reputation as immature, he or she will not receive the job desired, solely on the fact that NO ONE wants to hire somebody who publically vents their feelings and comes off as a potential liability.

So take some advice from an extremely tired Facebook newsfeed viewer, keep the thoughts on paper, not in cyberspace.