Finals? We’ve Got You Covered

Inspired by Teen Vogue’s article What to Wear While Studying for Spring Finals, here’s the To Be Bright version of what to incorporate into your study grind to affectively ace those exams.

But why should you dress up to study? I agree, sweats are comfortable, but they can also be counterproductive. This particular piece of clothing is designed for relaxation purposes, which can alter the brain to slack off, for lack of a better word. If you dress like you’re going to school, you’re more likely to feel productive and awake, therefore gain a better studying experience.

This doesn’t mean to dress up to the nines; you can still be comfortable in clothes other than sweats & a tee. Here are some examples of pieces that look and feel great to wear, as well as keep the body and mind at a productive ease:

NOTE: all these options are up to your interpretation to incorporate. Personally, I would never wear heels to the library, so keep in mind to mentally substitute pieces that would not be appropriate/feasible. :]


A solid top with a patterned bottom is always a fun & safe bet to look dressed up. The blues in both pieces match, and the brown sandal is a nice neutral color to tie the look together.


Wake up feeling on edge? Dress hardcore with light wash high-waisted/regular shorts, a bossy bandeau and tank, and leather/studded combat or ankle boots.


Love those loose-fitted boyfriend tees/sweaters? Pair them with skinnies and flats for that relaxed chic look.


Rather be shopping? Dress like you’re headed to Urban Outfitters with pattern sleeveless tees & belted high-waisted shorts.

If you’re more classy-conservative chic, a solid light-fit button down with boyfriend jeans is an excellent way to look & feel professional enough to turn heads.


Spring + Harlem Shake = pastels & a softer dance craze. Harlem pants are trending, so tone down the craziness of those dance videos by pairing them with lighter, flowery tones that will keep you cool, calm, & totally collected.

Tomboy at heart? Nothing a great band/ graphic tee and shorts with sneaks can’t display. Take this another direction by adding a beanie hat & switch out those contacts for glasses today to be an adorable nerd.


Patterns patterns patterns. For a more street look, as compared to the first picture, add some charcoal gray or black to that spring vibe.