Flash Back


I have an honest confession about why summer is my favorite season: tan skin. Maybe it’s because I’m Jersey born & raised and that stereotype has somehow genetically affected my brain. All I can say is that a dose of natural vitamin D can make everything on your body look good, especially metallic accessories.

Flash Tattoos came across my Instagram during one of my #fashionblogger liking sprees. The image was of a tanned lady covered in what looked like gold and silver jewelry but was actually temporary tattoo art.

I was hooked instantly. That might be due to my endless desire to try new things and develop “fads” for myself. I’m not really looking into getting a new hobby — except gardening because I’m obsessed with flowers yet lack the devoted time for them presently — but I will experiment with personalized touches in regards to trends. Remember the Summer of 2012 invasion of hair feathers..?


Forget henna — this concept is hands down the coolest new way to accessorize. With the amount of tats per package, there are endless possibilities of where to place them. I’m hoping these Flash tats last the four to six days advertised because I plan to get some neat tan lines with them this week — as well as blog posts.

Because of my Native American roots and lover of all things tribal, I went for the CHILD of WILD package. The price is pretty steep for temps, I agree but you definitely get your money’s worth. I received them within three days, have four full sheets to choose from and know I’m set for the rest of summer with this new trend o’ mine. Shop Flash Tattoos below:


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