Flats for You, Girl

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Finding the right sandal that leaves the pain of wear & tear at home is crucial for every lady on the move.

If you find yourself constantly on your feet throughout the day, you need to be able to rely on the shoes you choose. During the summer, sandals are the top contenders for everyday wear. However, many sandals keep your feet on a overbearing flat platform, which causes arch pain, and eventually a forced walk that causes rubs and blistering. NOT OKAY.

So here’s what I suggest. Take a look at Aldo’s site and try sandals that have more of an arch platform that removes most of the strain of your feet. Try many kinds (if you can) in store and be sure to walk around to get a good feel with both on. It’s amazing what a new pair of shoes can feel like when the weight of the world is lifted by removing those old ones.

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