Three Jane Map Necklace


Ladies & possibly gentlemen, I give you…The Map Necklace by Three Jane.

As the newest addition to my very selective neckwear, I have to say this particular golden piece takes top awards in the favorite dept. With its unique demeanor, you can wear your favorite place in the world around your neck anywhere you go!

How it works: you choose the address of your selected place where you’d like your necklace to map out, so to speak. Where the location of your chosen place resides, a small jewel is placed to represent it. Surrounding that jewel are neighboring & familiar streets that provide a sense of ‘home’ or however that location makes you feel.


The versatility of this necklace is broad. Pair it with any outfit & it is sure to gain attention. After one day of wear, I was asked by 6 different people on the streets of NYC about where I got it. Although the engraving is small, the display of the necklace’s form as a gold horizontal/square necklace is trending. After initial appeal, the value of the necklace greatly increases when the information about the personalized location becomes known.

This Three Jane necklace has been featured in Lucky Magazine, The Today Show, Cosmo, Teen Vogue, & New York Magazine. Here’s the best part – THIS NECKLACE CAN BE YOURS! 

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