Ikat Threads | Foxcroft


Another pink ensemble this week friends, and I’m LOVING this ikat print while I’m at it thanks to friends at Foxcroft. I think the pattern itself was the sell to get me into this color once again, which I’m proud to say of my personal progress to wearing new things.

Now this makes the second style of dress I didn’t see myself in due to my frame’s compatibility, following yesterday’s polka-dot situation. A wrap dress does indeed fit you in all the right areas simply because when in charge of where the tie goes, the options are endless. What I love about this wrap dress is the tie that comes with it and the fact it’s completely under my control of how tight to make it, as well as where to place it. In this case, I opted for the bow to be in the back rather than the front of the dress simply because bows aren’t my thing.. But going forward, you could totally tie the bow in a knot instead, and even wear it on your hip as an option other than front or back only.


Foxcroft dress | Michael Kors heels (old) – similarish | Boohoo choker

Dresses with other colors to offer helps me transition to particular hues I’m not 100% comfortable with yet. Plus it makes for matching up accessories a lot easier and fun to incorporate. Pulling white and black from the print, the choices when it came to my kitten heels and choker were very simple to make. Saved me a lot of time while I was at it too, which is always a positive in my never-ending busy book.


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