Fun & Unique Themed Trees To Try This Christmas

Now that the turkey has been carved, it’s OFFICIALLY the Christmas season!

Last week I shared the unveiling of the Christmas Shoppe at Sickles Market, my #1 destination for all things for the home (& the holidays) in Monmouth County, NJ. I seriously could’ve stayed there for hours looking at all the incredible things available to decorate the home this season, especially the incredible themed tree decoration ideas designated to several trees in the Shoppe.

Given the fun & cleverness that went into these unique themes to try this season, I wanted to share them here for you all to get inspired by & possibly try this year on your own trees & homes. Everything you see below is available at Sickles Market & be sure to check out the exciting giveaway opportunity happening right now at the end of this post!


A traditional twist on the holiday season, but with an extreme emphasis on the color red! I love how brilliant it pops against a frocked tree, & even an all white faux tree would look just as striking with such a decor design.

How cool is this Cardinal tree idea too? Similar color scheme to Candy Cane but a much easier theme to go about if you decide to decorate with birds from tip to trunk. These would also make a great addition to any tree limbs that aren’t strong enough for ornaments but could use a splash of color & fun.


Given I’m from the Jersey Shore, this kind of tree design stood out to me instantly! I’m sure many other locals can agree, as well as anyone who’s grown up close to a body of water or in a beach town.

I fell in love with the cleverness of these sea creature ornaments; the design and detail is so intricate and delightful to gaze upon. You definitely won’t find ornaments like these anywhere else!


Here’s a beautiful tree design that captures the woodsy elements of nature & presents a calming vibe. This tree design reminds me of the National Parks we have in our local area, full of walking and hiking trails that I’ve grown up taking on foot, on bike, or on horseback my entire life.

I love the blend of cute woodland creatures with elegant designs that capture nature in an ornament, like these silver acorns. The combination of soft & structured is the perfect blend of cozy, down-to-earth design I’m sure many of us can appreciate. Just throw in a flannel blanket & light up the fireplace!


Here’s a more whimsical take on a traditional “Blue Christmas” that meets “Silver & Gold” themes. Personally, I’m getting vibes of a mature version of the movie “Frozen” and I couldn’t love the concept more!

The addition of wintery-white reindeer & snowmen help to bring this theme back down from a pure fantasy position. The simple touches of glistening silver amongst the decor balances the two realms, creating an overall cohesive winter wonderland.


Okay, this is pure fantasy & could easily be a dream tree for most little girls out there. I’m not one to be drawn to things girly & very pink but this tree design was adorable beyond reason!

This design idea would be great for a designated kid’s tree! I love the combination of unicorns with retro pink cars and stylish pups as ornaments, along with a blend of white and silver standard ornament designs mixed within.


This is definitely my FAVORITE tree out of them all! I’ve always been one to adore animals, so having a tree full of unique creatures is a dream come true. The best part was discovering animal types & breeds you’d unlikely find on a tree (i.e. guinea pig!)

I honestly couldn’t decide which animal ornament I loved the most. How clever are these animals!?


So I made this theme up myself, but I couldn’t think of anything else to call it when I saw the hot air balloon ornaments! I instantly thought circus and the associated colors only encouraged my decision making.


Clearly this is (almost) every little boy’s dream tree & I can’t imagine how it couldn’t be. Dinosaurs, trucks, and robots – what could be better!?

Both these mini tree designs (circus & ‘boy’ toyland) are fantastic kid tree decor ideas too!


Uhm can we just take a look at how delicious & realistic these ornaments look!? I seriously was blown away by the detail that went into these designs – they seriously made me want to take a bite! Not to mention, most of them were soft and plush in texture which makes them perfect additions for kid trees as well.

Be sure to check out my behind-the-scene videos & pictures of my time visiting the Christmas Shoppe by watching my ‘Holiday’ IG Story Highlight. You can see many of these ornaments and tree designs very up-close and personal, which might get you VERY obsessed with what’s available now at Sickles Market.

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