Fun with Fedoras


South Carolina’s weather throws me off every single day.  You wake up to 30 degrees and by noon, you’re sweating like you fell into a pool because it magically turned 80.  Therefore, all I was thinking about was spring spring spring.  I remember seeing a girl in NYC last summer who wore a variation of this ensemble – neon top, black maxi with a slit, and finished off with a fedora.  She looked so poised and chic, which ultimately led me to Urban Outfitters to mock her style.  The Fedora is what makes this whole look pull together. I found the white one sold on the streets of NYC, while the other beige one is J Crew brand.  Any neon or bright tank/tube top can be effective in completing this look; I added a yellow H&M neon belt to note the versatility of using bright colors.  Though I wish I wore this look today, it’s something I’m looking forward to as the temperatures continue to rise down south.