Green Thumb 101: My #1 Online Plant Resource

Hey you plant lovers here – be sure to read until the end of this post for a special opportunity (wink wink)

In my several recent posts regarding plant care & knowledge, there’s one resource to mention that practically started the green thumb obsession you see in my content today – The Sill.

I came across The Sill about 2 years ago when I was looking to add some serious plants to my new apartment; there were these enormous windows that made for the perfect location to house some indoor greenery & I was eager to get started on growing my collection. The first online source I checked out, which then led to my first plant purchase (& many more following) was The Sill. In fact, I still have my very first OG plant today – two years & one apartment move later and still growing strong as ever! Take a look below..

This is the same Peperomia Marble plant: first image from when I got it (June 21, 2018) and the second image is what it looks like today (June 25, 2020) – 2 years of massive growth! It went from its 4″ starter pot to a 8″ one, which will soon probably need to be upgraded to 10″. At first, this guy didn’t grow AT ALL which concerned me because it was clearly still alive, yet unhappy. After reading this article about Peperomias written by The Sill plant experts, I quickly learned what this guy needed in order to be happy. As a plant newbie at the time, I assumed all plants would be happy in the window and liked relatively the same amount of water – WRONGO.

Once I understood the specific needs of this plant, it began to grow like crazy (& still is!) That’s why it’s so important to read up on the species of plants you want to bring into your home BEFORE you commit to it. But once you get into the habit of researching before you buy (or resourcing as you grow) it becomes second nature. Plus, it fuels the plant addition because you’ll see reward in growth, thus triggering the desire to get more plants lol. Hey, there are worse addictions out there…

So why The Sill?

Because it’s more than just a place to buy healthy, happy plants;
It’s also where you can learn to grow your green thumb simultaneously!

Happy Plants = Happy Customer

When you purchase a plant from The Sill, you’re paying for something home-grown & delivered to you with the utmost care. It can be very daunting to purchase plants online without seeing them in-person; but with the Quarantine quickly adjusting such personal preferences, a lot of us became customers + first-time plant owners through our computers in the last 3.5 months. I’ve listed out a bunch of reputable online sellers in this post here & The Sill is mentioned as my #1 for a couple reasons:

Available plants are categorized by Style (blooming, patterned, trending, or cascading), by Light (indirect vs bright), & by Benefit (pet-friendly vs air-purifying) – so you know exactly what plant will fit the specific needs of your home without the guesswork of wondering what species will thrive vs which will die.

Each plant (with some exceptions) is personally potted with your choice of pot shape/color & shipped in ready-to-display condition; Allowing you to save some time & $$ without the additional potting on your own. For those plants that arrive separately & not pre-planted in the pot, there’s a disclaimer note under the plant’s description indicating such on its product landing page (i.e. The Fiddle Leaf Fig.)

Once your plant order ships, it almost always arrives the next business day. I have to say that because Post Office/UPS/FedEx aren’t always the most reliable (especially these days) but from my personal experience, I’ve gotten my plant orders the very next day after receiving the confirmation email that it’s been shipped from the nursery. Needless to say, they arrive very fast once you get that email so you can prepare for its arrival properly. Also, their customer service team is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with as well, when one of my orders took a bit of time to deliver during the height of the pandemic. They got back to me within a few hours and were able to help me locate the status of my order promptly! Nonetheless, they’ll be sure to help you out in a timely manner with whatever issues regarding your order you may have.

A Plant Care Community

As mentioned above, The Sill is more than just a plant buying destination. It’s an educational hub hosting all things plant care & a place where plant people can join together in their shared passion. When I was first starting out with my plants, I had NO idea what I was doing (naturally) and after killing 4 in a row, I felt so defeated. I’m so happy I didn’t give up and involved myself in learning more about the plants I so badly wanted to keep alive the next time around; The Sill helped make that success possible with the following tools & resources:

Online Workshops – these used to be hosted in physical storefronts pre-pandemic & the spots would fill up within minutes of becoming available to sign up for. I used to have to set alarms in order to get a spot, which was still impossible to get even with preparation! Luckily, having these workshops go virtual has allowed for more space & sign up spots than before. I HIGHLY recommend taking one of these workshops to enhance your plant care basics, even if you’re a few years into your green thumb. I took a class back in March and it was amazing how much more I learned; plus, having the ability to ask the Host Plant Expert a bunch of personal questions relating to my own indoor garden was incredibly beneficial.

Workshop sign ups become available one month in advance & most classes are held during the first and last weeks of each month, from what I’ve witnessed. Some workshop classes are continued in the next month, while some are specific to the season/time of year. Regardless, there’s always something to be learned with each available class being offered!

Virtual Consultation – you can make an appointment with a plant expert from the comfort of your home/office! This allows you to ask all your burning questions specifically concerning your unique plant circumstances, without having to share the mic with other classmates in the Q&A portion of an online workshop session. Choose between 15 minutes covering 3-5 plants or 30 minutes covering 5-10 plants.

Articles & How-To’s – The Sill’s team of plant experts contribute with all sorts of plant care tips & tricks of the trade to help inspire you on your plant journey. Read from a variety of topics, including Plants 101, Common Care Questions, Ask The Sill, Design Tips, Interviews, and Notes From The Founder. My personal favorites that I’ve found so useful are the following:

Signs That You’re Overwatering Your Plants
New Digs: Moving Plants Small & Tall, Short & Long Distances
How-To: Pick A Planter For Your Plant
Plants By Room: Low Light Plants At Home

It’s Giveaway Time!

In partnership with The Sill, I’m SO EXCITED to be co-hosting this very amazing giveaway opportunity for all you plant-passionate people out there following my indoor garden updates & posts. You guys have made my Quarantine months very productive and motivating thanks to all your encouragement with my increase in plant content, so here’s a little something to give back as a token of my gratitude 😀

One lucky winner will receive the following prize:
(1) plant of his/her choice – AND – (1) online workshop class of his/her choice!

Yep, any plant of any size + any workshop class to go along with it – this is legit the jackpot of prizes for any plant lover!


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