Gypsy Warrior

IMG_4934IMG_4944IMG_4960IMG_4947IMG_4942IMG_4973Details: F21 top | gifted My-Kim pants – similar | Aldo sandals – similar

Here’s a situation I’m sure most of you have come across once or twice in your lifetime: your favorite top shrinks in the wash and you don’t know whether to “let it go, let it goooo…” or make it work. OR you have a favorite pair of pants that makes you feel incredibly short due to the lack of tailoring you’ve been too busy to get done. Therefore, you constantly trip over them and become apprehensive about wearing them in public.

Any of this ring a bell? Yeah it blows, especially when it’s finals week and all you want to feel is ‘put-together.’ But guess what, it’s not the end of the world. Either make do with what you have by finding an alternative solution or just change your outfit.

I went into warrior mode and accepted the challenge of these two misfitting pieces. What I did here is convert my once favorite muscle tee — primarily because of the color — into my new favorite crop top. It’s perfect for covering up the belly button, which some of us may not always be willing to show on a daily basis. As for the pants, plan get them hemmed but tie knots at the ankle in the mean time. This helps give this palazzo pant a temporary harem-jogger style and keeps your face from being planted on the pavement.

What’s your laundry fashion-horror story?