Le Tote

IMG_4861IMG_4869IMG_4894IMG_4845IMG_4899Details: Le Tote top & bangles | Topshop denim | Rowen loafers

Have you ever heard of Le Tote? If not, it’s about time you do.

Think of Rent the Runway but in a more casual manner — Le Tote is a ready-to-wear monthly subscription that sends you three garments and two accessories for $49 a month. You have the option to purchase the items in your arriving tote or simply wear them for as long as you like and then return the tote. You take an online survey consisting of images to better depict your personal style and your arriving tote send you a one-of-a-kind tailored package of goodies!

Le Tote is like the Birchbox of clothing for the everyday girl, with the freedom to pick & choose, wear and/or purchase. There’s nothing more fun than trying new styles and finding new items to adapt into your ever-changing wardrobe. I can’t wait until my next tote arrives!

* To Be Bright is partnered with Le Tote for the authorized promotional use of gifted products