One Day Without Shoes | TOMS


Happy One Day Without Shoes! Today’s the day we take off our shoes to spread global awareness for children’s health and education.

Over two years ago, I participated with my school’s Toms @ USC group and walked a good mile and a half on campus barefoot.  Even taking these pictures and worrying about stepping on glass isn’t even half of the threats many children face every day without shoes to wear.

During the summer, I hardly wear shoes around the comfort of my home and beach. But imagine not even having a choice to protect your feet at all. Nature’s simple hazards of thorns, sharp stones and scorching soil don’t even compare to the threats of disease that can come from not having the protection of footwear.

Take the initiative today and take off your shoes, even if it’s just for a minute. I have an even greater appreciation for the privilege to be able to wear a pair of shoes every day.

Please visit the TOMS site for more information & ways you can get involved! Together, we can make a difference and leave our footprints with One Day Without Shoes!

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