Post-Grad Status


IMG_5148Details: Asos overalls | UO crop top – similar | knit vest | Steve Madden sneaks

YOU GUYS, I’M DONE WITH COLLEGE! I took the last of my final exams this morning and after 18 consecutive years of school, I can officially say I’m finished. It’s such a surreal feeling, as well as bittersweet. As happy as I am to move onto the next chapter in my life, leaving South Carolina will be very sad. I’ve discovered more about myself during these undergrad years than I ever would and am confident in the person I have become. Plus, USC is where To Be Bright began — it’s something I’ll never regret for a moment.

Anyway, today I’m celebrating in my favorites — shorteralls (I go with the Lena Dunham term to describe these overalls) with a crop top & knit vest, completed with leopard pony hair slip-ons. I’m looking forward to a summer full of job searching and blogging, so get ready for many new and exciting transitions!