Healthy & Savvy ’14

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I know the resolutions have been circulating the real and digital world, but I can never hold true to mine. Either I have unrealistic expectations of myself or I’m too lazy (both). This year, I’m thinking in terms of my already daily schedule and what I can do to improve those habits of mine that need some work.

For starters, the first two goals have to do with personal health. I’ve been very resistant to the gym and I need to get back into that grind. If I write it in my planner (because I have OCD) as an every other day assignment, then it doesn’t seem as difficult to accomplish.

Second, I cook but not enough and talking budget, I need to save by spending more time in my own kitchen than at a restaurant. I’m more likely to eat healthier if I know what ingredients are being used as well.

Third, I’ll be thinking outfit shopping when I plan to spend money. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a top and never thought about what to pair it with. Therefore, it ends up gathering unworn dust in my closet. I’ll get more wear out of items if I think about their match-ups prior to buying them.

And fourth, when one new item gets bought another older item will leave the closet. Out with the old and in with the new.