Little Black Shoe Story


Let me tell you about the shoe score I most recently received on NYE. A Lord & Taylor Outlet store opened nearby in my hometown, so naturally my friends suggested we go check it out. Trust me, there was no hesitation but I didn’t have high hopes to find the exact shoe I was looking for to wear that evening. Ever get a perfect image of what you need in your head yet cannot (for the life of you) find an equivalent in real life? Yeah, I was oh so negative nancy while scoping the shoe section.

More in the rant department – my shoe size of 7 1/2 might as well be the world’s considering I can’t find anything decent in sale situations. Everything’s picked over and rejects line the rack up & down. It wasn’t until I was about to give up (of course this happens) when I found the little black shoe in it’s bootie-licious form. I prayed they would fit, and they did..

Now in my opinion, Coach has been pushed aside the last three years but after finding these shoes donning their brand name, I’m impressed. I literally can dress these pups up or down, considering the heel is not too high for a casual day out. The best part – I went to the checkout line anticipating paying the markdown price of $95 and was blissfully surprised when I was charged $60. Wonderous.

Moral of this short story – outlet stores are great, but the apprehension of picked-over items gives us a negative perception of what is secretly hidden within the racks. Bargains are great and so is an open-mind.

Scroll below to see what I paired these boots with on NYE (the picture was taken pre-shoe purchase) & click the direct link here to browse my outfit. Ps. It’s on SALE!