Holiday Gift Guide – For The Impossible Humans


For my first installment of this month’s Holiday Gift Guide series, I’ve teamed up with my two blogger babes – Kayte of Mass Musings & Dariel of A Daily Dose of Vitamin D –  from Boston to present to you…The H.G.G For The Impossible. You know that relative or person in your life that you’re obligated to get a gift for, even though they hate everything yet sulk without a present in hand? Talk about passive aggressive. Or what about that boy/girlfriend you’ve JUST started dating less than three months ago? You’re not trying to scare him/her off with a gift that screams I LOVE YOU just yet..or maybe you are. You do you. Finally, what about the world traveler of a friend that you rarely see, except on holidays which have he or she leaving at the crack of dawn to catch the next flight out? You can’t get that person anything humungous and forget about paying extra for expedited shipping.

Any of these scenarios ring a familiar bell? Lucky for you, we’re here to help you with only two weeks to spare. Take a deep breath, you got this.

The Bellyachin’ Relative

We all have one – that relative or friend that never wants or likes anything but sulks if you don’t at least try.

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1. Oscar Blandi Products – Who can say no to great hair products? If she does, you might win the award for the most ridiculous relative.

2. Club W Subscription – Not everyone drinks but if your relative does, consider this the Birchbox of monthly wine!

3. Wireless Portable Charger – Most everyone has a smart phone these days, so give your relative one less thing to complain about when he/she has a full battery on the go.

4. Fuzzy House Slippers – Hopefully your relative has a favorite animal/cartoon character, so find the slipper that fits best, no pun intended

5. Wine Carrier – Traveling with wine is obnoxious, so a neat carrying case with storage for all your accessories to open that bottle is nothing less than convenient.

 The Kardashian Relationship

Got a significant other that you’ve only been dating for 72 days or less? These gifts are for you.

IMG_272181fd4313423b9b1c16b98f78ff18238c 2TECH_TRP_soundcore-1-2 3Urban-Trend-Mason-Jar-Shot-Glasses-Set-of-4 2RocksBox-Subscription-Jewelry-Rental-Service-Review-Angel-Court-CC-Skye-Urban-Gem-1 2

1. Surf Burro Blanket – Unique patterns for everyone; get a decorative throw blanket that’s sure to please.

2. The Weekender Bag – Most of us are on the go, and the right bag to fit all those belongings for a weekend deserves to look as polished as a high-end designer (Did I mention it’s vegan leather a.k.a. affordable!?)

3. Bluetooth Speakers – Amp your tunes as you get ready in the morning, host an event or just for the hell of it; and forget those obnoxious plugs that have you sitting in the closest chair to the speaker the whole time. No thanks.

4. Mason Jar Shot Glasses – As the trending glassware on Pinterest, get into the spirit of tossing them back in this form; Yes, they are for more than staging pictures with.

5. Rocksbox Subscription – Like Birchbox? Get high-end jewelry each month to keep as long as you want with the option to buy! Perfect for those indecisive girls who expect jewelry for a gift.

The Frequent Flyer

For the jet setter in your life. It feels like they’re traveling more than they’re home!

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1. Travel Journal – Keep notes and be able to recall each moment in a journal made for memories.

2. Ankit Headphones – Crying baby on the plane? Block them out in sassy fashion.

3. Custom Cosmetic Bag – Now everything is in one place to be found and if someone steals your bag, you’ll know who did it.

4. Custom Nameplate Bracelet – Keep a memory stamped on your sleeve with this personalized piece from Momentus NY.

5. Selfie Stick – You might find some cool places that deserve a Go-Pro moment; take them with a selfie stick and save yourself some money.

Be sure to check out Dariel & Kayte’s Guides too! Hope you get some great gift ideas!