In The Pink: A Fitness Update

⇥ Top, Leggings, Sports Bra: Fabletics ‘Daniella Outfit’ | Sneakers: New Balance

Those leaps of joy are direct results of how wonderful the weather was this past weekend. It FINALLY felt like Spring, & two days in a row! Of course those 48 hours of bliss are over & out and we’re expected to live in this chilly monsoon all week. But hey, ya win some and you lose a bit more…makes appreciating these special Spring days that much more valuable.

I recently started a new workout class, in addition to my Bikini Body Guide (BBG) rounds, called 30/60/90. At the moment, I’ve only been able to handle it once a week (it’s so intense!) but I’m working up to tackling it twice a week – Tuesdays & Thursdays, aka the days I don’t do BBG. After one class, I had such an incredible endorphin high and experienced one of the most productive work days I’ve had in a while. The best part is that these classes are only 45 minutes (or you can do express for 30) and are offered as early as 7am – which is great for someone like me who needs to workout in the morning and get it over with haha.

Getting myself to be active all 5 days of the week isn’t going to be easy but ever since committing to my BBG Journey in January, I’ve been feeling SO MUCH better physically and mentally. These days I crave getting a workout in, even if I don’t finish the entire routine and get at least my heart rate up for a bit. I recently had my annual physical and my doctor said my results were FANTASTIC for someone my height, weight, & age. In fact, I had MORE MUSCLE than the average person my size which of course I’m thrilled about!

Think BBG might be the right workout routine for you?

Here’s why I LOVE it & think it’s one of the best programs you can choose for your fitness journey!