What Motivates Me To Workout

Fabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be BrightFabletics Corinna Outfit, Athletic, Workout Outfit, Tilden of To Be Bright

Jacket, Sports Bra, Leggings – Fabletics ‘Corinna Outfit’ 

The most overused & unfulfilled New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape! We start off the year super motivated to get working on our best ‘selves’ and by the time February hits, more than 80% of us have lost the drive to continue our goal(s).

Although I grew up playing sports and have always had an active lifestyle, I’ve also shared many moments where I resented going to the gym; and when I finally quit riding full-time and was left to my own devices, I slacked SO BAD because I didn’t have a trainer forcing me to go.

As a result, I gained weight in my hips & ass and found myself with a slight muffin top that I NEVER thought I would have… LOL to the mindset of thinking I was the ‘exception’ to the rule. That fast-metabolism concept I bragged about having had officially turned on me, proving my mother right despite her warnings, that yes – it indeed goes away when you stop working out and eating healthy.

After spending most of 2017 ‘looking’ like I was in shape, but definitely not feeling like it, I decided it was time to stop “sucking it in” for photos and actually EARN those abs. Not to mention I really needed to get my ass in gear (literally) as most of my jeans started not to fit me anymore. That was a harsh reality check…

So how did I motivate myself to get to the gym and begin to experience working out as something I now enjoy?


Just because someone goes to the gym every day for 2 hours and eats like a bird DOESN’T mean you have to do that too. I LOVE carbs of all sorts while drinking wine, so I was never going to give those up. The trick is understanding that everything is ok in moderation.

Punishing myself by cutting everything I loved out only had me feeling like I’d cave into my desires quicker and give up on my goals, and unfortunately most people do when they feel so limited. I started working out and continued having my favorite foods but only 1-2x a week. Soon I began to start not wanting those treats as often because my body  encouraged me to find an alternative. Those pancakes for breakfast and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch cravings I once felt like I needed, were successfully been replaced with fruit smoothies and arugula salads.

My body literally gave me the craving for fruit & vegetables without me having to force it to, which is why I’ve been able to keep it up so successfully. Of course, I’ll indulge once and a while but I now consider it a treat rather than a necessity.


Not everyone needs to spend hours to achieve a substantial workout. In fact, some of the best sessions can be accomplished in 25-30 minutes. As someone who 1) doesn’t always have an hour to dedicate to the gym and 2) hates spending more than 1 hour at a gym, I knew I had to find an alternative workout plan that would better suit my preferences & schedule in order for me to continue it.

I also have the mindset where I’d rather do a given workout at my own pace, and finish a routine of sets on my own terms. That mentality tricks me into thinking I can be done sooner if I just buck up and get it done with limited breaks; and often times, the time flies and I feel super great at the conclusion of it!

That’s why the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines has been such a great workout routine for me to follow. Each workout is 28 minutes long and encourages you to focus on one body part (Arms, Legs, or Abs) each day, for 3 days a week! It’s so simple to follow and incredibly effective – I started seeing results Week 3 and felt so proud of how I was beginning to look, which encouraged me even more to continue!


Once I found that working out didn’t mean cutting out the things I love entirely and that I didn’t need to live at the gym to achieve my idea of the ultimate body, I begin to find myself  in the best headspace that started to make working out as something I truly enjoyed! My energy sky rocketed and those endorphins became addicting, kind of like that morning cup of coffee.

All that positivity and genuine enjoyment could only be further encouraged when I looked as good as I felt, which is why workout attire has become such a fun addition to the routine! As someone who’s mood is always reflected by what I decide to wear each day, the same goes for the clothes I decide to workout it. Feeling great in a pair of high-waisted leggings with a colorful sports bra is the icing on the cake that makes each workout more enjoyable to complete.

My favorite brand of workout attire is Fabletics because I’m guaranteed to be satisfied with each set. Not only do I get to personally choose which clothing I want to receive, but I also get the whole package with each monthly arrival! No need to purchase separate matching pieces, which end up being ridiculously expensive. Instead I’m allowed to customize the size of each piece (top & bottom) and only spending $50 on the entire look!

*Ps, I know subscription clothing memberships intimidate some people because they don’t want to be forced to purchase an outfit they don’t truly love each month. Another reason Fabletics is such a great brand is because they allow you to “skip” a month without getting charged if you don’t like whats in that current month’s collection. You’re never forced to spend money as a member, which is such a fantastic consideration.

Disclosure: These 3 workout motivators are solely SUGGESTIONS to consider that I’ve personally found beneficial for myself. Everyone is different, our bodies are all different, and therefore how we approach our workouts will be different. By no means am I stating I’m an expert and think you should all do what I did to achieve success…HELL NO. However, if you feel like you can relate to my mindset and are looking for alternatives to consider for your workout plan, then I hope these will help you in your journey!