Intro to Spring


As flowers proceed to bloom and the weather warms up, the once barren trees flourish in shades of bright green and awaken the familiar vibe of spring fever.

When shorts and tanks get all too tired, break out from conformity with dresses and skirts. I find myself accumulating casual day dresses within my closet, with good intentions to start the season fresh. In all seriousness, the lack of care that is expressed within many clothing choices on my campus disappoints me; I occasionally feel the heat of stares when I wear something other than the ‘norm’ consisting of norts & frat tees.

Each and every day has the potential to be the moment of discovery or remembrance for something worthwhile. Why not dress for success?


April showers bring May flowers; Therefore, a floral dress is appropriate to wear in public. With any dress that has a visible elastic seam in the middle, it’s can be easily covered up with a stretchable corset belt that incorporates the light or dark tones your dress of choice. The neutral corset belt I’ve chosen is matched with the neutral shoulder bag.

On a side note, you can change the overall image of any outfit by pairing a darker tone belt and bag. For example, if I were to wear a black corset belt and use a black or dark shoulder bag, it would work due to the color of my accessories which bring out the black color behind the flowers.  It is up to you to choose a light or dark vibe to your outfit of choice, but be sure to keep it consistent with your accessories.


With an occasional chill or breeze, give your outfit an edge with a denim vest. I try to incorporate this piece with any outfit that can seem ‘one-sided’ because it shows versatility for an outfit someone may be apprehensive to try if it seems too ‘girly.’ Of course, a great fedora and pair of shades can complete this casual spring day look with excellence.

Dress, Corset Belt, Shoulder Bag – Francesca’s | Denim Vest – Forever 21 | Fedora – New York City Street Vendor | Shades – Ray Ban | Watch – Michael Kors | Necklace – Etsy

Many thanks to Taylor Singmaster for these fantastic photos and photo shoot. Please be sure to check out her site TLS Photography, as well as LIKE TLS Photos and To Be Bright on Facebook. More to come shortly!